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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) waste consists of electrical appliances including: Large cooling appliances, Refrigerators, Freezers, Washing machines, Clothes dryers, Dish washing machines, Electric stoves Electric hot plates, Microwaves, Electric heating appliances, Electric radiators, Electric fans, Air conditioner appliances, Vacuum cleaners, Carpet sweepers, Irons, Toasters, Fryers, Grinders, coffee machines, Electric knives, Appliances for hair-cutting, hair drying, tooth brushing, shaving, massage and other body care appliances, Clocks, watches, Scales, Mainframes, Minicomputers, Printers, Personal computers (CPU, mouse, screen and keyboard included), Laptop computers (CPU, mouse, screen and keyboard included), Notebook computers, Notepad computers, Tablets, Copying equipment, Electrical and electronic typewriters, Pocket and desk calculators, Facsimile, Telex, Telephones, Pay telephones, Cordless telephones, Cellular or Mobile telephones, Answering systems, Radio sets, Television sets, Videocameras, Video recorders, Hi-Fi recorders, Audio amplifiers, Musical instruments, Luminaires for fluorescent lamps with the exception of luminaires in households, Straight fluorescent lamps, Compact fluorescent lamps, High intensity discharge lamps, including pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, Low pressure sodium lamps, Electrical and electronic tools (with the exception of large-scale stationary industrial tools), Drills, Saws, Sewing machines, Equipment for turning, milling, sanding, grinding, sawing, cutting, shearing, drilling, making holes, punching, folding, bending or similar processing of wood, metal and other materials, Tools for riveting, nailing or screwing or removing rivets, nails, screws or similar uses, Tools for welding, soldering or similar use, Equipment for spraying, spreading, dispersing or other treatment of liquid or gaseous substances by other means, Tools for mowing or other gardening activities, Toys, leisure and sports equipment, Electric trains or car racing sets, Hand-held video game consoles, Video games, Computers for biking, diving, running, rowing, Sports equipment with electric or electronic components, Coin slot machines, Medical devices (with the exception of all implanted and infected products), Radiotherapy equipment, Cardiology, Dialysis, Pulmonary ventilators, Nuclear medicine, Laboratory equipment for in-vitro diagnosis, Analysers, Freezers, Fertilization tests, Other appliances for detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating, alleviating illness, injury or disability, Monitoring and control instruments, Smoke detector, Heating regulators, Thermostats, Measuring, weighing or adjusting appliances for household or as laboratory equipment, Other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial installations (e.g. in control panels), Automatic dispensers, Automatic dispensers for hot drinks, Automatic dispensers for hot or cold bottles or cans, Automatic dispensers for solid products, Automatic dispensers for money, All appliances which deliver automatically all kind of products,
WEEE Waste
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