RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) Exports To Europe Continue To Rise

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Environmental, News, Waste Management

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) Exports To Europe Continue To Rise

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Environmental, News, Waste Management

what will happen to British RDF now we have left the EU (European Union)?

A waste industry debate held this year in March just before Britons voted out of the EU revealed that trade and export structures surrounding RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) was proof that the market would continue to rise regardless of the Brexit.

Countries such as Sweden, Germany and Netherlands still have a high demand for UK RDF and it is unlikely that this would come to a grinding halt. The Environment Agency is there to back this statement up, claiming that in 2015 alone, 2.75 million tons (roughly 10%) of UK municipal and commercial waste was being exported to these mentioned countries. These exports have also allowed Britain to meet their landfill diversion targets.

3 other important points to remember are the following:


Waste companies based in the United Kingdom are trustworthy business partners. Waste streams run all year round promoting to an excellent degree of business confidence.


Both logistic and port chains will be subjected to improvements in their efficiency due to an increase in volumes being handled. Specialized haulers and ports will now have economic motivation to manage and deal with more quantities.


The Dutch want to up their recycling rate to 75% by 2020 and reduce household waste to 100kg’s per resident. Also, energy from waste companies have hefty sums invested in both the public and private sectors, there is call for a continuation in sustaining the existing capacity. British waste will remain constant and more than likely boost input stream for these assets.
There is however still growing concern about the waste and recycling industry as no contingency plan has been set in place when dealing with the “smelly” topic. Many people still feel that remaining with the EU would’ve been more beneficial as business would be easier between us and other European States.

With regards to RDF specifically there are international agreements which would support the continuation of exports. It would be however be up to individual countries to make a choice whether or not they want material crossing into their regions.

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