Construction recycling in the UK

by | May 1, 2017 | Environmental, Recycling

Construction recycling in the UK

by | May 1, 2017 | Environmental, Recycling

Construction waste once collected, gets sorted into its component parts before it gets recycled or disposed.

Waste Transfer Stations can incorporate a mixture of manual and mechanical operations and there is an established tradition for salvaging and recycling building and construction materials.

Demolition waste gets broken down and used as foundations and sub-bases for new construction, roads and other pavements.  Even old concrete recycled for use as crushed aggregate for new concrete is being used although there are some concerns and must be done with caution.

The option to reuse valuable building elements is increasing, items like: ashlar blocks, bricks, roofing slates, tiles, lintels, flooring tiles and decorative items are retrieved for re-use.

This is done to prevent as much of this waste going into landfills as possible. Although substantial landfill has decreased and recycling has increased, there is still 54 per cent of our waste being sent to landfill and over 80 per cent of waste that could be recycled is not, and valuable raw materials continue to be consumed at an unsustainable and environmentally destructive rate.

Collecting construction waste
Crushed aggregate for new concrete
Roofing Slates, Tiles and Lintels

At The Waste Company we aim to ensure that your construction waste goes to good use through our waste collection systems, thus diverting waste away from landfill and recovering energy from waste.

At The Waste Company we believe in all things green! Join us and put your construction waste through the recycling process. You will be making a long-term difference to our environment:


  • Help conserve non-renewable fossil fuels like coal
  • Help reduce the consumption on energy in the UK
  • Help lessen the solid waste ending up in UK landfills
  • Help lower the emission of gasses going into the atmosphere – like carbon dioxide

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